Saturday, September 19, 2020

Dear Norma: I May Die Behind the Wheel. Help!

By: Norma Jones/Advice Columnist

DEAR NORMA: I am notoriously bad at time management and never get enough sleep.  How do I manage school, extracurriculars, and homework as well as sleep? My skin is screaming and if I almost fall asleep behind the wheel one more time, I may actually cause an accident. — EXHAUSTED HIGHSCHOOLER

DEAR EXHAUSTED: Sleep is critical to everyone, but especially for students, as they are still growing and developing. Try to find time to do homework at the end of class or a study hall. Also try possibly switching up some of your daily tasks, such as switching from showering at night to in the morning. And although it sounds lame, try to find yourself at home around 9 to 10 o’clock. This will give you some time at night to still do homework and shower if you’re really not a morning person. — WITH LOVE


DEAR NORMA: With it being my senior year, AP classes are coming down hard. How do I deal with all the stress that I have with all my AP classes? And should I just not care as much and have more fun because of it being my senior year? — STRESSED AND CONFUSED

DEAR STRESSED: AP classes, although harder than the rest, help set you down a road of success to help you into colleges to further your career. Being your senior year, I do believe you should be spending some time having fun with friends. Go to sports functions, and maybe try planning something with some close friends. Though studying is important, don’t forget that now is the time you should be finding yourself. Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep and to keep up on work despite making plans. — WITH LOVE


DEAR NORMA: My boyfriend and I have been together for quite some time. He has gone off to college while I am still completing my senior year of high school. Unfortunately, because he went off to college, he now lives farther away than I would like. I sometimes get jealous because of the distance. How do I avoid being sucked into the jealousy monster? Is there any advice you’d give me for my long distance relationship? — JEALOUSY STRICKEN

DEAR JEALOUSY: Although the distance may not be what you want now, it does indeed make the heart grow fonder. Continue to talk to him everyday, but don’t forget he is probably feeling the same way about you. Don’t give into jealousy if he has done nothing to break your trust. Trust is a key part in every relationship. Long distance relationships are always hard but there are some success stories. Just remain patient with him and don’t be afraid to talk to him about these feelings of jealousy. Like I said earlier, he is probably feeling the same emotions as you in these times of distance. — WITH LOVE



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