Cyber vs Public

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By: Jillian Stone/Freshman Writer

The number of people attending cyber school is increasing rapidly. Opinions about attending alternative education vary and all have their pros and cons.

Harley Testa was willing to give her opinion on the topic. Harley attends cyber school from 9 to 2:30,  Monday through Friday. She had given all her pros and cons of attending cyber school. She was also asked what she likes most and what she likes least about cyber school.

“ I enjoy not having to wake up as early, it’s quieter and I can concentrate more on my school work.”

“I don’t like that I don’t get to see everyone who I grew up with and who are my friends and you get to go on field trips and cyber school you don’t get to do anything.”

Harley was asked “what made you decide to start cyber school?” She gave her experience of what happened in public school that made her decide to try something different.

“In public school, I had difficulty with people and um, I was bullied a lot so me and my mom decided to try out cyber school.”

When asked “Both have their ups and downs but i kinda wanna go back to public school.”

Harley’s pros and cons of cyber school are “You can get better grades because you can concentrate more, it’s quieter, and you can sleep in a little bit more, also gym class is better because you don’t have everyone staring at you and so you aren’t embarrassed to actually do what you’re supposed to.”

“They should change it so that you can do small activities and interact with people.”

Bobby Reynolds was interviewed next to give his perspective.

“I enjoy being able to go to school with my friends, I guess”

“To be honest, I like to learn different things..”

When asked what he would change/what he doesn’t like, he said, “I don’t like certain rules like you can’t hug your friends in the hallway and that you can’t drink Gatorade, you can only have water.”

Would you ever consider cyber school?

“I have. I don’t like the drama and stress that school causes.”

Bobby’s pros and cons of public school are “Being with my friends, learning, it could give you college opportunities, like scholarships and such, sports.”

“New flex thing, some of the rules, teachers being a little to hard on dress code, not being able to have Gatorade makes me mad because I’m supposed to have Gatorade about everyday and in the morning due to my sugar levels and I can’t because I get yelled at everyday for it.”

The final person that gave their outlook was Wesley Wotjkowski.

“I think in Public school, there is like a stigma of having to do your work but in cyber school, it is really hard to get up everyday and motivating yourself and it’s tiring.”

That is what he likes about public school, this is what he doesn’t like.

“I don’t like how people are mean, like some people are really rude, um, like some people don’t know how to mind their business.”

Wesley had attended both cyber school and public school. He was asked if he would ever consider going back to cyber school.

“No, the only way I would go back to cyber school is like if there was something really, really bad happening. I wouldn’t go back because I like public school a lot better, I like having a social life, instead of having to talk to a computer everyday, it’s kinda sad.”

Wesley’s pros and cons are “You get more of a real life experience because like you have a social life in public school but in cyber school you can’t really do that because you are sitting in front of a computer all day. The teachers I like in public school, it is hard to ask questions in cyber school, it’s like a chat room.”

“People being inconsiderate to other people and how they feel.”

Cyber school vs Public school is really based on your own personal beliefs on which is best. It just depends on which one works for you and your lifestyle.