Christmas Gift Hits & Misses!

By: Alexa Stanley/ Social Media Director

Wondering what to get your friends and family for the holidays? Here’s a simple guide on what some of the hottest and not so hot gifts are!

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These “Plush Booties” are a perfect gift for an in-law or family member during these next few cold months! You can find these adorable warm boots on Amazon for $23.57. Did I mention they heat in the microwave and contain the scent of lavender? YES!

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Thinking of doing something creative? Try one of these “Gifts in a jar” where you could add a variation of all sorts of stocking-stuffers in your jar for any loved one. You can purchase a jar like these ones at Micheals for $17.50.



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Do you have a lazy friend? Or a friend you might want to crack a joke with? This “I Just Can’t Shirt”  is the perfect gift to make your friends question what was going through your head when you bought this for them. This shirt can be purchased on Amazon for $11.95.

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This clever but pointless present is definitely a miss this holiday season. If you don’t want your family to wonder what went wrong with you, I  would advise that the “Hands Free Cell Phone Kit” stays off your shopping lists this Christmas.

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Glow in the dark toilet paper? Let’s just say that this product will not be selling out anytime soon. My best bet is that this essential but unnecessary toilet paper will be a miss this season.


Alexa Stanley is a bubbly senior with an aspiration for adventure! She has participated in volleyball, track and cheerleading. She will be furthering her education with a focus on nursing, hoping to achieve her goal of making a difference.