Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Photo created by The Center For Disease Control.

Interview With a Student Who Tested Positive for Covid-19

By: Danielle Tierney/Junior Writer This is an interview with Isabelle Edwards, a Junior at Blue Ridge, about her experience with...

Athlete Feature: Hanna McCarthy

By: Rayne Glover/Junior Writer and Social Media Director and Kayla Blaisure/ Junior WriterHanna McCarthy is a sophomore this year at Blue Ridge. She decided...

Senior Feature: Breanna Post

By: Rayne Glover/Junior Writer and Social Media Director “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and...
Photo By: Ryane Glover

Undecided Homecoming

By: Rayne Glover/Junior Writer and Social Media Director Are you hoping to receive a homecoming proposal this year? You may say yes, but COVID may say...

What Do Teachers Think About the 2020-2021 School Year?

By: Breanna Derrick/Junior Writer Due to Covid-19 there have been a few changes to how schools had to change things for the school year. A...
Photo By: Peyton Gelinger

New Employees at Blue Ridge!

By: Reese Allen and Kayla Blaisure/Junior Writers Coming into the school year, we welcome some new employees to Blue Ridge. Here are a few words from...

Covid-19: The Impact on Future Education

By: Danielle Tierney/Junior Writer With the start of Covid-19, people across the country were thrown into scary and unfamiliar situations....

Virtual Envirothon

By: Olivia Martin/Senior Writer On Thursday March 26, 2020 Envirothon was officially cancelled, until it wasn't! That’s right, Envirothon has gone virtual! Although COVID-19 changed how...

Blue Ridge Seniors Answer the Call for the Need of Future Nurses

By: Sarah Marble/Co-Senior Feature Editor 2020 is the Year of the Nurse. It just so happens it is also the year with a global pandemic; a...

COVID-19 and Its Impact On Seniors

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor Senior year. From what anyone is told, it's supposed to be the best year of your high school career,...