By: Jack Condon/Freshman Writer

As a Freshman I know that we get asked “What do you want to do with your life?”.  We all know to struggle of narrowing it down to one thing we want to do, for some it’s easier than it is for others.  The really hard part is if it will be what you want to do in your senior year.  I got the luxury of asking a few freshmen and seniors about their career goals and here are some of the answers.

What are your career goals?


Hunter Vaughn: Freshman Year- Nurse Senior Year- Nurse

Glenn Henderson: Freshman year- Army Senior Year- Army

Dom Fink: Freshman year- Doctor/Surgeon Senior year- Same

Domnick Rogers: Freshman year- Laser tech Senior year- Business Manager

Jared Mills: Freshman year- Business Senior year- Entrepreneur

Cody Gleason: Freshman year- Author Senior year- Law enforcement

Callie Wyatt: Freshman year- Physical therapy Senior year- Digital Graphic Designer


Ashley Torres: Freshman year- Occupational Therapy

Gabe Waldowski: Freshman year- Lawyer/Sports Agent

Morgan Mansfield: Freshman year- Teacher

Madison Welsted: Freshman year- Author

Katelyn Bowyer: Freshman year- Pharmacists

Makenzie Cook: Freshman year- Pharmacists/Lawyer

Kayleen Conklin: Freshman year- Vet

Nellyna Walters: Freshman year- Artist

Cameron Franks: Freshman year- Military

As you can see a few of the seniors did have a change in their goals but some did stick to one goal.  It will be interesting to see whether the goals of the freshman change or stay the same.