By: Elizabeth Smith/Sophomore Writer

In this school year, 2019-20, the Career Advisement Periods (CAP) will be split half way throughout the year, compared to last year, where students only had one assigned class. Students were asked to fill out a survey in flex a couple of weeks ago in order to decide what class they would be placed in for their CAP. For the first semester, students will have their first choice from the survey, and the second semester will be their second career choice.

Mrs. Shauna Williams, high school guidance counselor, said the categories were made by trying to cluster together the similar career choice responses from the survey. The purpose of CAP is to help students have some background knowledge of what they want in their near future. Students should also keep an open mind about the career fields they will be learning about this year.

Getting feedback from all the teachers on last years CAP, they noticed a lot of students not knowing or not having an idea of what they would like to do education wise. Mrs. Jesse added how it was a good idea for students to know what they want to do. They can take the information that’s given to them and and make up their minds according to the circumstances.

This year, Blue Ridge teachers hope to have a positive outcome of the change.


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