Candy Cane Grams

SADD member Li Ling Lee and president Kristen Henley. Photo by: Jessica Marvin

Every year, the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) club holds an annual ‘Candy Cane Gram’ sale, during which you can spend $0.50 to buy a candy cane for a friend in school. You can also send it anonymously to someone if you really want to.

They set up a table outside the cafeteria where you can buy candy canes during 5th and 6th period. SADD members will be selling them up until this Friday, December 15.

Candy canes are appropriate with Christmas right around the corner. They are a good way to spread some cheer to any friends you have. But if you have no friends, you can make some by breaking the ice with a candy cane.

Dylan Stone likes nature and outdoor activities as well as simple black ink pen doodles and drawings that make elaborate designs and places. He doesn’t usually socialize a lot of the time and he hardly ever gets into trouble. He also enjoys listening to a plethora of different musical artists (preferably on vinyl).