Courtesy Of: Random Acts of Kindness

By: Milia Stilloe/Reviews Editor

The month of October is Bully Awareness Month, so schools from all around join together to provide facts on bullying. Some schools also show educational videos throughout the month to help kids know how to recognize when bullying is happening, how to help when to tell, and who to tell.

Certain days throughout the month of October represent specific aspects of bullying.

Monday, October 7th is “Blue Up.” Schools encourage students and faculty to wear blue on this day and show they’re against bullying.

October 11th is national “coming out day.” They take this day to help students celebrate their sexuality and feel safe coming out.

October 14th is “stand up for others day,” where schools give information to their students on how to stand up for themselves and others. Some schools even celebrate this and have “kindness” dances at school, creating fun posters and showing videos.

October 28th is “start a week of conversation.” This is to help get students out there and make new friends, by teaching everyone to be nice to each other.

Bully awareness month is a fun way to learn how to help and prevent bullying. It also involves tactics on how to approach bullying and when to get help and is an overall good way to bring students closer. In the future, I hope that more schools participate in some of the activities to help better inform students about bullying.



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