BR Finally Gets an Athletic Trainer

Athletic Training room

By: Morgan Mansfield/Sophomore Writer

After countless bloody injuries and muscle tears, Blue Ridge finally has hired an Athletic Trainer, Mr. Scott Summers. Summers has taken on not just the position as the Athletic Trainer, but also the position as the Athletic Director.  He does admit that at times it is difficult finding enough time for both, especially on game days, because he is needed in both positions.

Taping Station in AT room

As the Athletic Director, Summers is in charge of organizing sports schedules and getting each sport ready for the upcoming seasons by handing out the jerseys and buying new sports equipment when necessary.

His job as the Athletic Trainer is to prepare the athletes before games and practices by helping them stretch or taping their injuries, and he remains at the school until those games and practices are completed.

His Athletic Trainer room is located in the ice room. In that room, he has a hydrocollator for heating packs, an ultrasound machine, an ice machine, rehab equipment and three treatment tables. 

Summers feels that it is important for schools to have an Athletic Trainer, “it is important to have somebody there who knows what they are doing and to be able to deal with injuries and rehab.”

Volleyball player, Alexa Stanley, feels that having an athletic trainer is very beneficial to her as an athlete.  She is a senior this year and wishes that Blue Ridge had hired an Athletic Trainer sooner to help our athletes with their injuries and possibly prevent future injuries from occurring.  Stanley has a history of back problems and Summers has not only helped her decrease her pain, but she has also gained knowledge from him about her injury.

“An Athletic Trainer is able to answer questions your coaches may not.  The AT is able to help assess your problem and can help athletes solve/resolve their pain before it gets worse.” said Stanley.

Summers does not only have an impact on the student athletes, but also has an affect on the coaches.  Basketball coach, Mrs. Paula Finn, feels that Summers has a positive relationship with the players and the coaches and she is very happy that we have  Summers on board now.  She wishes that Blue Ridge had hired an Athletic Trainer sooner due to injuries that needed attention from someone of that background.  Finn described an incident from last year where two of her players collided on the court and there was bleeding and they were both injured.  If there had been a trainer, the situation might have been taken care of more efficiently.

“I think that at the high school level, every school should have an Athletic Trainer.  We never had anybody right there who knows about sports injuries,” said Finn.

Although Summers has only been working at Blue Ridge for a few months, student athletes and coaches have already been impacted by his position in a positive way, and are very glad to finally have a Athletic Trainer at our school.

Morgan Mansfield is a second year journalism student, taking on her junior year of high school.  She spends most of her free time singing, playing, or writing music.  Fascinated by the human mind, Morgan plans to obtain a degree in Clinical Psychology and become a therapist to help people work through their troubles.