Blue Ridge Takes on the Big Apple

Photo by Robert Reynolds

By: Li Ling Lee/Co-editor in Chief

As mentioned in an earlier article (NYC Art Trip), Blue Ridge students got the chance to visit New York City for a day. Being a first for many to be in the city, they experienced things you don’t typically encounter here in little ol’ Susquehanna County.

With the traffic and all the vendors on the street trying to sell them things, it’s easy to imagine that many Blue Ridge kids were out of their element. Though it may have been a little weird at first (being in an entirely different environment), it seemed that many students appreciated having the opportunity to go.

Students traveled to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and were allowed to roam the museum at their own pace. With the abounding amount of different exhibits on display, they got to see countless pieces of art with a whole range of styles. From pieces by Picasso to pieces by Max Ernst, the styles of art present were bound to connect to some students.

After the museum, students were split up into groups and each group went to get a bite to eat. In the Big Apple, food tends to be more diverse than it is in a little town, so students got the chance to try new things.

Once everyone finished lunch, it was time to head to the Winter Garden Theatre to see the musical, School of Rock: The Musical (you can read our review on that here ). Based on a general gathering of opinions from the students and school staff that went, the musical was a hit!

“The musical was amazing; the atmosphere in the theatre was awesome.” said sophomore, Jack Condon, who’s first visit to the city (besides just driving through) was through this trip.

Condon, like many others, thought the trip was very fun.

If you ever have the chance to visit the city, the experience will be well worth it.

Check out our video Blue Ridge Takes on New York City to see the city from the students’ point of view.