Blue Ridge Student Receives Room Makeover

Photo from Rich Fancher, a volunteer for Team Josh.

By: Li Ling Lee/Co-editor in Chief

Blue Ridge student, Joshua Bourassa, has been given the dream of a lifetime: a room makeover! The non-profit organization, A Room to Heal, has chosen to makeover Bourassa’s bedroom to create an environment for healing. Officially established in 2006, A Room to Heal has been following through with their mission “to create a healing environment in the homes of children affected by serious medical conditions in our communities” for almost ninety childrens’ rooms and counting.

Construction to makeover Bourassa’s room is currently underway with a theme of cops & cars, some of Bourassa’s favorite things. When he heard that he was getting a room makeover, Bourassa was very happy as he “hated his pink and purple walls and ceiling.” Being able to have a room that corresponds with his personal likes will be a great help to create an ambiance for healing.

Bourassa’s mother, Rebecca, was speechless when she found out her son was given this amazing opportunity.

“A million thanks isn’t even close to how thankful we are. Josh is an incredible boy with the biggest heart. He never complains even when he is struggling. Having his room made over will give him independence, some privacy, and most importantly, healing.”

Left to right: Rich Fancer, Joshua Bourassa, and Christine Fancher Martin.

Rebecca and Josh are both very thankful to all of the helpers from within the community who are working hard to create the room of Josh’s dreams.

“Thank you everyone and thank you to all my new best friends that will come over in my new room and have a pizza party with me.” said Josh, who is very excited that all of this is happening. 

Rebecca also chimed in thanking all of those who are involved, “Thank you so much to the entire Fancher family, all of the volunteers who donated time, materials, and their skills, the staff from A Room to Heal, and all of the Blue Ridge staff and students for going above and beyond to bless my Joshua.”