Blue Ridge STEM Projects

Super Scratch Cat logo created by Daniel Tierney for a Scratch project last year.

By: Daniel Tierney/Webmaster

As computers advance, the possibility of anyone being able to create their own programs is increasing, and the students involved in the Blue Ridge School District STEM program have experienced this for themselves.  Using an online application called Scratch, STEM students create a variety of projects from storyboards to games.

Scratch is an online platform that simplifies program development so that students can learn skills essential to computer science.  Scratch also teaches students creative thinking skills and how to work collaboratively.  In Scratch, programs are created by connecting blocks of code together, which respond to collisions, button presses, and other events on the computer.

The projects created by some students at Blue Ridge are below.

Unfortunately, Scratch does not work on most smartphones and tablets, so make sure you are on a laptop or desktop computer.  If you are on a laptop or desktop computer and the project still doesn’t display, try enabling your flash player.  If you are on Chrome, click the link in the game window to “Visit this page to update Flash” and Chrome will ask you to enable your Flash player.  If there is a green flag in the top right corner of the game below and the cat spins when you press it, Scratch is able to run on your device!

Eighth graders Danielle Tierney and Madison Gelinger created the maze game shown below.  Press the green flag in the corner and then use the arrow keys to navigate your pig through the maze.

The project below tells an animated story, created by Mirella Annesi and Ben Marble.  Once again, just press the green flag to start it.

Super Car Pilot Simulator was created last year in the PLTW Computer Science Principles class by Jordan Mann, Logan Burdick, and Dane Beers. Use arrow keys to pilot your car to try and collect as many crates as you can without the blimp catching you!  Try to stay on the road or your car will slow down.  To activate extreme mode, press the 2 key.  If the blimp catches you, press R to reset.  The roads that lead off of the map act as bridges to the other side.