Blue Ridge Raiders Wall of Fame

Cred: Gavin Bradley Co-Sports/Editor

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-sports Editor

Just this past year, Blue Ridge has decided to implement a Wall of Fame for some of the greatest athletes to come out of our school. On the wall today sit two varsity volleyball players who graduated in 2017, Megan Houlihan and Hayleigh Fekette. Both girls were three year varsity starters who received an All-Region and an All-State selection. Houlihan had a total of 512 kills, 119 aces, and 330 digs throughout her high school career. Fekette had a total of 320 kills, 687 assists, 178 aces, and 371 digs. Both were remarkable athletes, but do other athletes also deserve a spot on the wall?

A soccer star all the way from Honduras moved to the small town of Great Bend. Axell Mejia who had been a four year varsity starter finished his career just four goals shy of 100. Mejia had been subject to an All-State selection, and is very well the best soccer player ever to come out of Blue Ridge. He is set to graduate this year with the class of 2018.

Three other outstanding athletes that are worthy of being on the Wall of Fame are Sawyer Dearborn, Alex Cardoza and Isabella Cosmello. All were incredible basketball players. Cardoza was part of the class of 2012, and  finished his career with a total of 500 assists, 800 points and 200 steals. Dearborn graduated with the class of 2013, finishing with a total of 1,294 points, and 160 3-point field goals. Cosmello graduated in 2017 and also joined the 1,000 points club, ending with 1,176 points. Despite their incredible achievements, they have yet to receive a spot on the Wall of Fame.

The Wall of Fame is supposed to be dedicated to Blue Ridge’s most memorable athletes and they haven’t been able to recognize others except for two girls’ varsity volleyball players. Is there not enough room? These athletes have gone on to play collegiate sports and even semi-pro. I believe Blue Ridge needs to make some room on the wall for some more athletes, not just two.