Blue Ridge Lost and Found

Lost and Found

By:Delia Geyer/Content Editor

From sweatshirts and coats, to hats, bags, and water bottles, items have been piling up at Blue Ridge in the Lost and Found.

While there are some items that have been at the Lost and Found for a lengthy amount of time, new items are always being added, and the pile is continuing to grow.

If you have lost something and it wound up there, your time is running out to get it back.

Ms. Joan Haskell, the Middle School/High School Office Secretary, says that all items will either be sent to a family in need or put into a clothes bin.

If you want your things back, hurry up to the Lost and Found before it’s gone!

Remember to continue checking the Lost and Found throughout the year if you think you may have lost anything. You may not realize you have lost anything, but it never hurts to check!

Delia Geyer is a 12th grade, second year journalism student. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and a three year participant in the program Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her favorite pastimes include playing the violin and the clarinet, learning about history and government, and hanging out with her two dogs Beezer and Roger. After high school, she plans to go to college to major in history, and then proceed to law school to become a family lawyer.