By: Jack Condon/Freshman Writer 

The Blue Ridge art students have an opportunity to show off their art abilities while participating in an area museum exhibit.  The art students are working for the Everhart Museum’s piece, called Museum on the Road.  The two leaders are Antony Grigos, resident artist for the Everhart Museum, and Liz Faist, resident artist for the NEIV 19/PCA.  Mrs. Camburn, BR’s art teacher, believes that this is an amazing opportunity not only for students, but also for the program at Blue Ridge, and she hopes that we can have more opportunities like this one in the future.  As for the students, Mrs. Camburn also believes that it gives the students a fresh perspective from outside eyes.  After I heard her say that, it gives me new perspective, and so I thought about asking the students how they feel about it.  Amanda Swan and a few of her counterparts say that they agree with Mrs. Camburn.