Baseball West Virginia Trip

The baseball team playing in West Virginia. Photo Credit/Emma Glezen

By: Gwen MacConnell/Co-Sports Editor

On Friday March 16th, at about 8:30 in the morning, the boys varsity baseball team hit the road and were on their way to West Virginia. There, they spent the weekend in nice weather and had an opportunity to play baseball on a field which they obviously can’t do up here in NEPA because of all the snow. This trip was a great way to start off their season which they have high hopes for. The boys varsity baseball team is looking very strong this year, and it will be exciting to see how their season ends up.

Those players that attended the trip were Tommy Gudykunst, Ben Gudykunst, Josh Goff, Brock Gumaer, Sam Cosmello, Jeff Zawiski, Kaleb Folk, Tyler Hillard, Carson Khoeler, Brandon Gelatt, Gavin Rosa, Josh Decker, Ben Burchell, Eli Aldrich, and Misael Arzola-Velez.

All these players carpooled with each other, along with head coach Billy Marvin and assistant coaches John Zawiski and Robert Dibble.

Blue Ridge  junior Tommy Gudykunst, who is one of the team captains, says he was excited for this trip.

“It’s a great season opener, and it’s nice to see the baseball field with the good weather,” says Gudykunst.

Adam Roe, also a junior and team captain, unfortunately couldn’t attend the Virginia trip due to an illness, but says based on past experience, “the best part about going is probably just getting to play down there where it’s 60 degrees and not snowing.”

Roe adds, “The fields are really nice and it’s a good experience and opportunity for the team to go to get a few more games in before our regular season starts. It also is fun to just be with the team and hang out in the hotel. Overall, it is a great team trip and good bonding for everyone. There is also really good competition.”

“This trip is not only just a fun one, it works on skill and really building the team. Preparation for the season is really the main thing that can be taken away from the trip,” says Gudykunst.