Spring Sports

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor Winter sports are over and spring sports are right around the corner. With this being the last sports season of the school year, you can expect our senior athletes to put [More]


Who You Got?

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor This February once again we will have one of the most watched sporting events in history. On average about 112 million people watch the Super Bowl according to NBC. In Super [More]


Effective Punishment

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor Do school punishments work? Are kids learning from their mistakes or is the school wasting resources? Many kids believe that school punishments are ineffective. We generally see the same students in [More]


Winter Sports!

By: Gavin Bradley/Co-Sports Editor Winter sports are now underway and each of the winter teams have high expectations for the season. Blue Ridge winter sports include Girl’s Basketball, Boy’s Basketball and Wrestling. With each of [More]