Photo Credit: Seth Anderson

By: Madison Welsted/Content Editor

Are you a student looking into college after high school? If so, don’t miss out on meeting with the college representatives that come right to our school. All that students have to do is sign up on the sheets in the guidance office.

There are so many benefits that can come from visiting with these representatives, not to mention the fact that they take the time to come to Blue Ridge for the convenience of all high school students. Mrs. Williams, one of Blue Ridge’s guidance counselors, wants students to know that meeting with these representatives can help students establish a background with the colleges, and can provide the information necessary to make a decision about which schools are ones to consider. Students have the opportunity to ask the important questions directly to a representative from the college. In addition, if the college is one that a student decides to apply to, he/she is able to gain connection with the representative ahead of time. Overall, the experience is a very helpful and more personal step for gaining information about colleges, and can offer more than a website or pamphlet.

Furthermore, there’s no cost to such a beneficial opportunity, other than leaving class and giving the representative your time, of course. Too often this chance to learn about future possibilities goes unnoticed by students, and the sign-up rates are very low. But the school continues to provide us with this opportunity, so let’s not waste it!

The following is a list of colleges and when they’re scheduled to visit:

Le-Moyne College: September 26th, 11:30

Penn State University: October 1st, 11:30

Marywood University: October 4th, 11:30

Misericordia: October 17th, 10:45

University of Scranton: October 30th, 9:00

King’s College: November 12th, 8:15

Eastern University: November 18th, 9:30


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