At The End of The Day, The Stress Fades Away

Photo courtesy of Gwen MacConnell

By: Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

Senior Gwen MacConnell went to golf districts on Monday, October 2nd. She was one of the many students competing to take the win for Blue Ridge. She is very interested in golfing so she gave it her all Monday. She may have been nervous, but she did not let that get in the way of getting third place.

After MacConnell qualified for districts, many students and teachers had questions for MacConnell to get to know more about her and her goals. According to MacConnell, the main reason she golfs is because she loves it and it creates a nice bond between her dad and herself.

“I love going out and playing with him.” She exclaims, “it’s a loving feeling between him and I.”

There are many reasons people do the things they do. We asked MacConnell how she became interested in golfing, to which she replied with the fact that almost everyone in her family does it.

“I went to a kid program for years in Montrose when I was little.” She proclaimed.

Some people feel nervous when they are on the spot, but when MacConnell qualified for districts she felt great!

“Like all my hard work paid off,” MacConnell explained. MacConnell has had this interest ever since about the age of 10 and has been golfing ever since.

There are many people from many different schools that golf. There isn’t an exact amount but as MacConnell told us, “AA and AAA schools were there competing for districts too.”

MacConnell’s overall performance was “pretty good” as she says. In the end, MacConnell was satisfied with her turn out and is excited for districts and other competitions in the future.

On Monday, October 2nd, Golfing Districts; MacConnell was third place out of the five AA. She was the first golfer from Blue Ridge to ever medal at Districts.

Kimberly Bryden is a junior in high school and a first year journalism student. Her plan for the future is to become a trauma nurse. She likes helping people and loves the excitement. She cares about her family and many others. Kimberly first started showing interest in becoming a trauma nurse when her grandmother became diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed in 2011.