Photo of Courtney Petrylak, taken by Peyton Gelinger

By: Peyton Gelinger/Sophmore Writer

On December 13, the art classes said their goodbyes to Courtney Petrylak, Mrs. Sarrah Dibble-Camburn’s student teacher.

Petrylak is attending Keystone College as an Art Education major with a concentration in Ceramics. Upon completion of her student teaching, Petrylak will begin the certification process for teaching.

When asked why she wanted to become an art teacher, Petrylak stated, “I knew I wanted something to do with art, and I love kids– and I love to help people. So, it was an easy choice to make.”

During her time at Blue Ridge, Petrylak enjoyed teaching and helping with ceramics classes.

“I really like it here. The students are great and really talented,” said Petrylak.

In addition, she says, “I had a really good co-operating teacher as well. Mrs. Camburn was a huge help to me.”

In return, Dibble-Camburn had nothing but great things to say about Petrylak. She and the art students wish her luck as she continues art elsewhere.


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