Are Hallmark Christmas Movies Overrated?

Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel

By: Kimberly Bryden/Junior Writer

It’s that time of the year again! People are getting into the Christmas spirit by watching Hallmark Christmas movies to get in the mood for Christmas itself. Many people love the Hallmark Movies and some may also dislike them.

Natasha Johnson

While asking junior Natasha Johnson, Johnson states that some Hallmark movies are overrated and some are not.

“Some of the movies have meaning and some mess around” says Johnson.

There are a variety of movies you can watch on Hallmark and Johnson states that her favorite movie is The Nine Lives of Christmas.

“I love how there are two cats in the movie and I love how it is a romantic movie and at the end of the movie they are happy,” says Johnson.

Jillian McAulliffe

Junior Jillian McAulliffe gave her input on Hallmark movies she said they are most definitely not overrated.

“The movies bring Christmas cheer,” says McAulliffe.

McAulliffe does indeed watch Hallmark movies and said that her favorite movie is Matchmaker Santa.

“I love watching that movie because it’s about love at Christmas time,” says McAulliffe.

History teacher Mitchell Less
Photo credit: Blue Ridge High School Yearbook

High school history teacher Mr. Mitchell Less said that Hallmark movies are not overrated.

“The movies have a message to them,” says Less.

Less in fact does not watch Hallmark movies.

“I don’t watch them, but I have seen little clips of the movies,” says Less.




Kimberly Bryden is a junior in high school and a first year journalism student. Her plan for the future is to become a trauma nurse. She likes helping people and loves the excitement. She cares about her family and many others. Kimberly first started showing interest in becoming a trauma nurse when her grandmother became diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed in 2011.