An Open Letter to Those Suffering from Senioritis

By: Nicole Swisher/Content Editor

Dear seniors who are officially done with life at this point,

I get it. I really, truly do. And I get how phony that statement sounds. A big part of senioritis is feeling like you’re the only person in the entire universe who has ever experienced it. But I’m a senior who has spent the past twelve years of her life doing work that often seems pointless and trying to live up to standards that have often seemed impossible. So, I get it.

According to, senioritis is “a decline in motivation or academic performance that supposedly afflicts some seniors in high school, especially in their last term.” The thing is, there’s no “supposedly” about it. Now that Thanksgiving break is over, teachers are starting to hear the same things from more and more students: “I’m so over high school already,” “I just want to graduate,” “I don’t care about this test,” and even “I’m ready for Christmas break.” Students are starting to miss several days in a row because they “just don’t want to come” or are “too tired to go.”

When that alarm goes off in the morning, students pull the blankets over their heads, begging for five more minutes, or hours, or days of sleep. Students who have never had a habit of procrastinating before have suddenly started leaving their essays, assignments, and study sessions for the last minute.

I’m one of those students. And if you’re reading this, you probably are too.

Have you ever realized how often we refer to senior year as the “easy” year? This stereotype affects seniors’ perceptions of their final year in high school and lead them to genuinely care less about their grades and attendance.  The fact of the matter is, senior year is not easier than any of the previous years — for students preparing to attend college, it can be the hardest, with AP classes and sleepless nights of cram studying abound.

It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. We’re all tired. We’re all ready for something bigger, better—we know there’s a world out there beyond these too-familiar walls.

But until the day comes when we can finally step foot into that world, it is time to suck it up.

“God, this homework assignment is so pointless!” Do it. “Studying is such a waste of time; why even bother?” Do it. The real world does not slow down because you’re tired, and neither will high school.  It’s our senior year.  Grit your teeth and do what you have to do to graduate and get out of this place.

And remember that it isn’t all bad. You have friends here. You’ve made great memories here. As much as you may want to take flight from this ground, there are some things here that you will never leave behind — happy things, rose-tinted things, things you’ll look back on and smile at when you’re old. Treasure them. They are far more important than some exhaustion-induced bitterness.

Enjoy your time here while you still can.

Nicole is a B.R. senior involved in theater, chorus, scholastic bowl, National Honor Society and Scholastic Bowl. She hopes to study Zoology.