Alaska’s Earthquake

Alaska earthquake. From

By: Micah Mullen/Staff Artist

This week’s earthquake in Alaska sent a shocking jolt throughout the state, causing much uproar. This earthquake soon had the coastal residents seeking shelter and evacuating in fear for the warned tsunami. However, the tsunami never came and people were safe from that danger.

174 miles off the coast from the city Kodiak, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake happened on January 23rd at 4:31 am Eastern time. Though hitting at Kodiak, a lot of Alaska felt the rumbling of the great force. Teenager Kellcee Collins, age 19, felt the earthquake from her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

“The earthquake was in Kodiak which is 451 miles away, yet I still felt it.” After the trembles of the quake 61 aftershocks came rolling in.

Kellcee Collins of Wasilla, Alaska

This force of this wasn’t one to be reckoned with; the last known terrible earthquake was the one in 1964 which was of 9.2 magnitude and also lead to a tsunami. The tsunami then took 122 lives and the earthquake, 9. Gratefully it wasn’t that bad this time though was a big scare to many people.

Collins said she knew something was wrong when the mirror on her wall began to shake. “It scared me because it was actually quite big and lasted for a good five minutes.”

During these five minutes of shaking and rumbling, residents moved to the schools and higher grounds just in case of a tsunami warning. Fear was spreading, especially to younger kids.  Collins, being 19, has felt past earthquakes but says she’s never felt one this big. Though not knowing anyone in Kodiak, Collins’s little sister Amy, age 15, began to go into a panic attack.

“I’ve never felt an earthquake quite this big,” she states. “I was terrified and had no clue what to do.”

Since the roar of the quake happened, things have begun to calm down and return to normal. No reports show that anyone was killed nor that there was catastrophic damage.