Thursday, February 25, 2021

Aaron Beesley: Senior Feature

By: Breanna Derrick/Junior Writer.

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” -Oscar Wilde

Aaron Beasley is a Senior at Blue Ridge attending VOTEC at Elk Lake High School through Blue Ridge with plans of becoming a cosmetologist after high school. Beasley’s main inspiration from becoming cosmetologist is his mother. He has dreams of opening up a salon of his own one day and he is working very hard to achieve that goal. He plans to graduate from Blue Ridge and Cosmetology School, then become both a Cosmetic Chemist and a Stylist at a salon first. Beasley is hoping to move in two years to Virginia to open a salon. Although he does have a long road ahead of him he hopes that it’ll be “a smooth ride” and that one day he will be able to achieve those dreams.

Aside from being apart of the National Junior Honor Society, Beasley says he wasn’t interested in clubs and won’t be looking for any in the future. However, he does say that he made many memories through high school and encourages his classmates by saying, “During high school, really make sure your planning to be happy with your future occupation. This your time to explore your options and to make sure your choosing the best one for yourself.”

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Breanna Derrick
Breanna Derrick is a first year journalist student at blue ridge high school. She is very artistic, creative, and hard working. Her life goals include being in media, or journalism in any such way. Breanna dream’s  to one day be a huge actress, and to be able to work on a movie set.


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