Sunday, July 12, 2020

A Final Farewell From the Editor-In-Chief

By: Kaylee Gelatt/Editor

When people say, “Enjoy your senior year, time flies by,” they seriously aren’t kidding.

A huge shoutout goes out to the people who make this paper so special to me.

The photo editor, Callie Wyatt, for always having a picture to post with a story or editing the size, and such.

News editor, Brooke Marvin, for always keeping the “news” section looking clean and finding news around the school and community.

Content editors, Nicole, Marceia, and Skylar, for always editing stories and checking on the status of students stories when I couldn’t be around.

Sports editor, Eric, for always telling people to write articles, and making sure everything is done in a timely manner.

Thank you to everyone for always contributing their story ideas, writing them and always being on the deadlines. You guys are what makes the paper look the way it does now.

Being a part of the Raider Reader staff for the past four years has been such an amazing opportunity. As a sophomore, I was Assistant-to-the-Editor; as a junior I was the organizational director. However, this year, I hold the title Editor-In-Chief. Throughout my years in journalism, I have not only bettered myself as a writer, but I have also benefited by developing organizational skills, and becoming a better leader.

Together as a group, or as I like to call it “family,” we have done so much together, accomplished many different goals and overcome many obstacles. For example, gearing up for our previous printed edition, The Raider Reader Wrap Up, we spent an entire Saturday preparing to send out the paper, aside from missing a day of classes as well.

More or less, I’d like to give a special thanks to the advisor, Mrs. Kimberly Davenport. Mrs. Davenport has been the backbone throughout everything. She is always such a loving person, and is always willing to help her students whenever they need. Aside from that, she spends countless hours making sure that everything is looking just right, proofreading, and searching for events that she feels the students will like, for example going to the Tom Bigler Conference every year at Wilkes University.

In conclusion, I would like to not only thank my staff, but I’d like to thank you, the viewers who are actively checking out our paper for the newest updates, reading our articles, giving us feedback, and sponsoring our paper. Although I am sad to leave my position as an editor and leave the staff, I know that there are more things to look forward to and I am excited to start my new journey at Lock Haven University in the fall.

Kaylee Gelatt
Kaylee Gelatt, a Blue Ridge senior, is a fourth year staff member of the Raider Reader. As a sophomore, Gelatt was Assistant-to-the-Editor; as a junior she was the organizational director. This year, Kaylee is The Editor-In-Chief. Aside from the Raider Reader, Kaylee participates in softball and is also an active member in the National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Student Council, SADD, ARBA and the Journalism Club. She plans to attend college at Lock Haven University and major in Communications with a minor in public relations.


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