Sunday, July 12, 2020

A Day-Trip to Gettysburg

By: Adam Crook/Senior Staff Writer

Blue Ridge High School sent students off to Gettysburg this past April. It is the school’s seventh year of holding the field trip. Although the trip only lasts one full school day, students were treated to a day filled with historic merit and experience.  

Students were also given a tour bus ride of the battlefield. Here they were informed of many significant events that happened over the course of this historic battle. The bus would occasionally stop at certain areas of the battlefield; students were then instructed and assigned to a side where they were then instructed to act the battle out. This was student Tyrell Cheeseboro’s favorite part of the trip.  “It was cool to think you were walking on history,” Cheeseboro stated, he added that all students should definitely go on the trip next year.

Students also stopped at specific landmarks and monuments strewn across Gettysburg. Noah Seamans’ preferred landmark was Big Round Top, a large hill that strategically overlooked a part of the battlefield. “When we got off the bus,” Seamans recounted, “we got to take pictures of everything below.”

Mr. Bitner & Mr. Less organize the field trip for their history students, but any high school student is eligible to go. The trip is usually held around the month of April so history buff students should be on the lookout for this field trip next year.  Remember to grab a place because seats go fast!

Adam Crook
Adam Crook is a senior and first year writer. He is a 4-year firefighter for the Great Bend Hose Company 1. In his off time, Adam is either watching Netflix, Youtube, or reading news articles.


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